Economic Models with A$AP Rocky

Ever since hearing the song Purple Swag by A$AP Rocky I’ve been interested by what this artist has to say. In the song “Gunz and Butter ft. Juicy J” on the album Testing (2018) , Rocky presents commentary on the current state of the USA.

AR in the ER it’s the state of mind of every state
Say your grace you better pray
Guns with the butter, guns for my brother
Came from the gutter, cocaine in the buttocks

Mayers, R. (2018). Gunz and Butter ft. Juicy J [Recorded by A$AP Rocky]. On Testing [MP3 file]. New York, New York: ASAP Worldwide.

With the above verse, he immediately goes to a reoccurring topic in the USA of the almost weekly scheduled public gun shooting.

But this essay isn’t about that, its about the line “guns with the butter”, I heard this and my mind went to a scene of someone ordering “fries with the burger”, and then back to the original line guns with the butter. Let’s observe guns, as yet another product sold by American companies. It’s just like any other good made by any other company, they have a market, they have sales people, and they sell it to the public. As well as the government. In large amounts.

A guns and butter curve is an actual economic graph that is used to understand a theoretical economy with only two products; guns and butter. The concept is also stretched to generally mean how much a government is spending on their military instead of social programs.

I’m not really sure what I want to say about this other than I guess this song let me know more about an economic model known as Guns and Butter and the associated concepts of opportunity cost, thanks Lord Pretty Flacko.

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